Blogs. They’re just extra ‘fluff’ on a website and no one actually reads them anyway, right?


Blogs do so many different things for your website. We could go on and on but, to save time for all of us, here are 4 major reasons why your Care Home or Home Care business’s website needs a blog:

1) Blogs help with driving traffic to your website.

How exactly does this work? Well, every time you add a blog, this is anotherBlogs help with driving traffic to your website page that is indexed to your site. We talk more about indexing here but in short, by adding more content to your care home or home care business’s website, you’re giving more opportunities for search engines like Bing & Google to find information to show organically to the user. (organically = not paid for… win!)

2. Having a blog allows you to communicate directly to the user.

blog allows you to communicate directly to the userThis communication helps with accomplishing a few things all at once. With a blog, you get to show the user that you’re an expert and you know what you’re talking about. This creates trust and, as you know, trust in a brand is invaluable in the care industry.

3. Blogging gives you an opportunity to be social.

post blogs on social mediaNo, we don’t mean grabbing drinks with friends, we mean posting on your social media. Social media is evolving and the more ‘Sales-y’ a post is, the more likely the user will keep scrolling. However, when the user sees something helpful to them that could be learned from your blog, they’re more likely to stop scrolling and even possibly click through.

4. Blogs can help with client acquisition.

Blogs can help with client acquisitionHaving helpful information to send to a potential client might be what differentiates your business from another care provider. Choosing a care home or home care provider for a loved one is a highly considered process. Many people searching for care make several enquiries and compare while weighing the pros and cons. While potential customers are ranking you against your competitors, send along a helpful blog to help them with their search.

Now that you know why you need a blog… Next is… what to write?confused

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 5 blogs a care business should have on their website.