We’re a little obsessed with business growth.increasing graph

As we have mentioned before (over and over again), we don’t just deliver leads. We are a part of the growth process and regularly consult clients to ensure they have the processes in place to properly handle the leads to convert them to customers. 

In working so closely with different clients, we get to see what is and isn’t working.

lead follow up - phone and emailWe have noticed that our clients who are very serious about business growth don’t stop with just one lead follow up. These clients don’t just leave a voicemail and give up. They follow up several times in different ways (if possible) to try to contact the lead and turn them into a customer. 

You might think that this is time consuming.

A lead follow up takes just a few minutes and since you have invested money in getting traffic to your site, you should want to make the absolute most out of these leads!

You might also be thinking, isn’t this lead follow up of…annoying?

You might feel intrusive at first or even a little desperate. But think of it this way, they reached out to you. They need your care services for themselves or a loved one so you need to help them! 

Think of it another way. 

Let’s say you reached out to a restaurant to book a party for your lead follow up for busy peopleparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. The restaurant’s manager called you back, but you were driving so you didn’t take the call. You listened to the voicemail, got distracted with the kids and never called back. The restaurant called again, while you were in a meeting and, even though you still want to book this party, you never got around to calling back with the chaos at work. Next, they sent you an email. You were in line at the grocery store and saw the email, responded with the information they needed and now you have the party booked! Success! 

Apply this to your business.

If you just call and leave one voicemail, you are leaving the opportunity to help a potential client on the table. Make it a best practice to multiple lead follow ups; at least 4 times in 3 different ways. If you haven’t already, incorporate texting into your follow up plan

Pro Tip:

You don’t need a fancy CRM if your budget doesn’t allow. You can keep these leads in a simple Excel or Google Sheet and track follow ups by date so you know who has and has not been contacted. 

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