As a Care Home Business, you need to ensure that you are using digital marketing as part of your overall marketing plan.

Traditionally, care business marketing encompasses leaflet drops, billboards, newspapers, radio ads, and ads in local publications. These methods can really help to get your brand out there and might help in the decision process of which business to choose.

However, while these methods are great for brand awareness…

…they don’t necessarily drive leads and result in an influx of phone calls to your business. For example, you may put out 1,000 leaflets or 1,000 people might have seen your newspaper ad. Out of these 1,000, only a small handful might actually be looking for a care home at the time of them seeing your ad. So, as some care home businesses might have homes sitting with 50% occupancy, significant funds are being spent on people who might not be looking for you.

Let’s change gears for a second.

You are about to purchase a new car, you know what kind you already want. You’re at your desk at work and you pull up Google and search for the model to see which dealers are selling the vehicle you want. You keep multiple browser tabs open to be able to compare dealerships and see the different options being offered for the absolute best value. You find the best option for what you want and you book a test drive.

This type of search is also being done by sons and daughters who are looking for care homes for their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. The benefit of advertising on channels such as Google and Bing is that people are using them with a goal in mind, to find a care home for their loved one. Why not get in front of these people who are already searching for your business?

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Care Home Marketing Goals

The end goal of care home marketing is to not only have 100% occupancy but also have a waiting list of future clients. This waiting list is comprised of people wanting to become your client. They have taken the time, they have done the research and, out of all of the competition and care options, they chose you. Wouldn’t it be great to spend marketing budgets on these people who are already searching?

Another huge benefit of this type of marketing is that you can actually track every lead back to which ad they clicked on during their search. Using digital marketing lets you actually see, in real data and figures, what is and what is not working. Then, with this knowledge, you can stop spending money on what isn’t working and focus more on what is driving your care home business leads.

With digital marketing, you can have confidence in knowing that your investment is showing a return and is driving leads.

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