There are many moving pieces to the care business marketing machine. Whether you are doing traditional methods like leaflets, current like digital marketing, or a combination; the goal for all methods is the same: getting potential clients to reach out to you enquiring for your services.

There are three trends we have been seeing in the care industry as to why marketing efforts are failing. 

care business marketing unsure

Lack of Attribution

The first reason your care business marketing isn’t as successful as it could be is because of a lack of attribution. Many traditional marketing efforts such as leaflets, ads on the radio, tv, brochures, local magazine ads, billboards etc., don’t have an accurate way to track loss & success. Sure, you can assume a rise in calls after a newspaper ad can be from this ad, but you don’t really know the exact ROI. Without accurate data, you are making marketing decisions based on assumptions instead of facts. 

Webpage Design

The second reason your marketing might not be working has to do with your webpage. You might have a beautiful website or landing page (and paid a lot of money for it) but this doesn’t always result in an enquiry. Beauty & exciting features can definitely enhance the experience of the user’s visit, but might not entice them to take the next step and call. 

Websites and landing pages need to be specially designed to encourage the user to reach out to you. There are a few things to be considered when designing your page and we discuss them more in our 10 Landing Page Commandments. Some major points to keep in mind are:

  1. Remove the ability for users to navigate
  2. Site Speed
  3. Communications of USPs
  4. One Call To Action To Encourage A Result
Lack Of Staff Training

The third trend we’ve seen is what happens after the potential client makes the call.

This is solely dependant on you and your team.

trash: care business marketing lossIf your team isn’t trained to handle the inbound leads properly with a goal of converting them to customers, you might as well be throwing that marketing money you invested out the window.

Harsh, but true.

It happens in all types of businesses. When inbound calls are handled by staff who haven’t been trained, opportunities to sell the business are simply missed.

missed target: care business marketingWe have seen it with our own clients:

We have driven qualified leads: people looking to put a loved one in the care of a residential nursing home or people looking to find a live-in carer for their family member.

The staff who handled the call either just robotically took notes and answered questions or, sometimes… might have not even answered the call. 

Why not have your team 100% ready to convert leads? 

care business marketing trainingWe’ve developed a lead handling training, for this exact purpose. Reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

For more about how to ensure your page visits are resulting in enquiries and customers, give us a call and we will be happy to do an audit on your marketing. Book in time with us for a free marketing strategy session, here