Do you think customer reviews are important for your care business?

Take a step back from your business and think about:
  • Your own personal purchasing behaviour
  • What has affected your own purchasing decisions

importance of reviews for your care business

Let’s take this scenario:

For example, you are looking for an Italian restaurant to dine at this evening. You have looked at a few different options, each appearing to have a similar menu.

How do you make the decision of which place to go to?

Maybe the one that is closest to you?

Or perhaps one that has an enticing offer?

If one of these restaurants had a review section on their website, showing 5-star reviews from a number of different customers, how would this affect your purchasing decision? You might be willing to travel slightly further and go to the popularly reviewed restaurant because you feel confident that it will be worth your while.

This same premise can be applied very effectively to your care business.


Reviews Reduce Users Anxiety

importance of reviews for your care business

Some potential customers may be considering using a care provider for their elderly relative for the first time. This is a decision which requires a lot of consideration and subsequently can lead to a cautious customer.

Choosing your service ahead of a competitor requires this customer to take a risk, and when it’s the health and well-being of a potential family member involved, this perceived risk is high.

This is yet another barrier which you as a company must overcome in order to drive sales and attract new customers.

Reviews about your care business help to overcome this barrier by allowing potential customers to read the experiences of others, like them, who have gone through the same experience as them.

Once this anxiety has been lulled, the decision will primarily be based on whether your company fits their needs, making your job much easier and you WILL see a rise in the level of new enquiries.

Reviews Are Unbiased

People are naturally cautious and slightly sceptical. So, if you were to advertise your service at a significantly cheaper price than your competitors, potential customers who have never heard of you are likely to think your staff won’t be as caring; they won’t be as well trained and move on.

Why have reviews become so important and such a big part of users purchasing decision?

reviews are important

Simple. Reviews are completely unbiased. The people who write the reviews don’t have an agenda which is why they are such a powerful tool in persuading people to use your company.  Of a survey of 1,000 people, 84% said that they trust a review from a random person as a recommendation from a friend or colleague and 74% said that positive reviews on a website made them trust the business.

How Can I Get People To Review My Care Business?

Once you have got a review section on your website, you have to encourage users to actually leave reviews. These reviews should also be frequently updated

importance of reviews

since 75% of people only take reviews into consideration if they were posted within the last three months.


The most important piece of advice: You have to make it easy for customers to actually review your service.

You must make the process as easy as possible. To make it simple for your clients, create personalised and hyperlinked emails which will lead them directly to the site where they can post a review.

What Do I Say?

We recommend keeping it short and sweet. Try to avoid being repetitive and personalize responses to let users know you actually read the review. People will see through candid responses. Remember, they took the time to leave feedback so ensure to thank them properly! Follow this simple formula:

  1. Always thank the user for good or bad feedback
  2. Personalize your response
  3. Invite for a future service or take the conversation offline
    • Positive Example:
      • Thank you for your five-star review, John! We were happy to hear that our team wow’ed your family with their service delivery and attention to detail. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the future.
    • Negative Example:
      • John, we were disappointed to hear that we were unable to meet your needs due to staffing limitations. We hope to be able to exceed your expectations in the future and, if you would like to speak further about this matter, please contact us at We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.
Worried About Negative Reviews?

Allowing users to review your company and sharing these reviews publically is no doubt a daunting prospect. However, it WILL improve your business performance. If nothing else, it will make your staff work that extra bit harder to ensure they are not included in any bad press.worried about negative reviews for your care business?

There are people out there who will give you a bad review- no matter how great a service you provide. The top restaurants in the world will still have an odd customer who leaves a terrible review. As long as this isn’t a regular occurrence, this isn’t an issue. See a bad review as another opportunity to highlight your customer service policy.

Try and respond to the review as quickly as possible. Be honest, if you have actually done something wrong, it is fine to admit this.

There is also an opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in the respondents’ review. However, make sure this is done in a soft way; don’t attempt to have an argument as you will always come off worse than not responding at all. Then, if needed, take the conversation offline.

Finally, all reviews should be responded to in a timely manner, positive or negative.

There is no doubt that by adding reviews to your website, users are more likely to want to choose your care business. However, the effectiveness of this strategy relies on how many people are coming to your website.

Read our Aggressive Growth Blueprint below – the strategy we prescribe our clients who are actively trying to grow their business.