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Live Chat Is Changing The Game

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At some point in our lives I am sure we have all come across a Live Chat box on a website we are using. So there really is no need for introductions into its features. Instead, I intend to focus on its benefits and why you should be thinking about incorporating it on your website.

Just to make sure I have got your attention…the below are statements from our current customers using Live Chat:

‘We have seen a doubling in our enquiries since we have brought in Live Chat’

‘Our sales have increased 30% since using Live Chat’

Now for some of you these stats may be all you need to know in terms of the benefits of Live Chat but for those who require some more information (the Live Chat sceptics we like to call you) then keep reading…


24/7 Contact With Your Customers

A large amount of traffic to your website occurs during the evenings and on weekends – when users actually have the time to visit your site. This means it is now your job to make sure you make the effort to meet them. Cue Live Chat.

Live Chat allows you to provide a differentiated service to your competitors. Imagine you are a consumer; you have multiple tabs open looking for further information regarding a product or service. How do you decide who to go for? A company who can speak to you there and then (instant gratification) or a company who you will have to wait until 9:00am before you can contact them?

If I was to tell you that through our own experience, between 40% and 50% of live chat leads occurred out of office hours, how would you react? We couldn’t believe it. So many organisations are missing out on these potential leads.

As a business, it’s your job to fit around the needs of the consumer. If it’s in the evenings and on weekends when they want to visit your site, you must make yourself available to them!


Live Chat Improves User Engagement

It’s actually much harder than you would imagine to create a website that entices the user to actually want to engage with it. More often than not, a user will not actually venture past your home page. So despite having all the information they could ever want and need, if it’s hidden on a different page and the user isn’t willing to navigate through, it’s useless right?

Now how live chat works is it reduces the level of information that users have to digest independently by encouraging them to speak to a trained Live Chat agent instead. This means that it doesn’t matter if they aren’t willing to look for information independently – we can give it them!

So through encouraging users to stay on your site for longer, your bounce rate will improve, providing you with a new pool of leads to convert into customers.


Calling Isn’t Always An Option

For some people who have found your website, picking up the phone and calling you might not be convenient.

This could be for a variety of reasons but most common is due to the fact that the user is actually at work themselves. They shouldn’t really be on your site in the first place so calling you and bringing attention to the fact that they are wouldn’t be the wisest of moves.

Live Chat helps get around this issue by still providing the customer with the instant gratification they would have received from the phone call, but they can achieve this more discretely at their desk


Increase In Text Based Activity

Over the last 10 years there has been a drastic shift in how customers prefer to communicate…they are now beginning to favour text-based messaging rather than the old school method of emailing and calling. It’s less disruptive by nature and allows customers to get real time answers – there is no option for you to place a customer on hold!

Now, if executed well this will work wonders for your customer service and the level of leads that you are receiving. However, you must make sure you have the infrastructure in place to reply to live chat leads as soon as possible – this way the lead stays warm, increasing your conversion rate further.

One thing to note, the success of Live Chat is dependant on how many people are on your website as, if you have no visitors, Live Chat doesn’t have to opportunity to engage with them.

What we recommend our most ambitious clients do is click below to read the full ‘Aggressive Growth Blueprint’ in which Live Chat is just one piece of the puzzle.

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