1. How are leads categorised?

At the end of each Live Chat conversation, the agent will categorise the chat into one of the

following categories:

Sales – You will be charged for these leads.

This is a lead which has met all qualifying questions. Qualifying questions are discussed during client account set-up.

Service – You will not be charged for these leads.

These are questions from current customers, i.e. “I am expecting a follow up from your office, can you please confirm when I will hear back?”

Other – You will not be charged for these leads.

This lead has not met one or some of the qualifying questions. i.e. the customer enquiring for a service you do not offer.

2. Why am I receiving out-of-area leads?

We do not control the traffic sources to your website; therefore, we cannot control website visitors who might choose to engage in a chat conversation. To ensure that you are not charged for leads outside of your service location, we can include ‘location confirmation’ in the scripting. If the location is not within the area predetermined during set-up, you will not be charged.

3. How can I request to have a lead recategorised?

Any leads that you wish to submit for re-categorisation must be sent through to team@smooth-digital.co.uk. Please be sure to include the Lead Identification Number which can be found in the bottom of the chat transcript [LID:#######] and the reason you are requesting the lead to be reviewed. Any leads you wish to be recategorised must be sent before the 4th of every month for the previous months’ leads.  We will not be able to re-categorise leads that are sent through for the previous month after the 4th.

4. Why am I not getting enough leads?

Live chat allows each website visitor the opportunity to engage in a chat conversation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Live chat plays no part in generating visits to your website, and therefore, does not influence the original source of traffic. If you require information on how to drive maximum traffic to your website, please email team@smooth-digital.co.uk with your query and we will be happy help.

5. I’m locked out! How do I reset my password?

This occurs from entering the incorrect password too many times. If you cannot access your account after three unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked out. We will have to initiate a manual reset which can take several hours to be completed by the system.

Instead, before the third attempt, try resetting your password:

When logging into the portal, click ‘Forgot your password?’ below the login details. An e-mail will be sent to our team and we will send you a new temporary password.

We Do Not Recommend Saving The Password. Not only is this a security risk to sensitive data, if this setting is overridden by an incorrect login attempt, you may also lock your account.


If you are already logged in and simply wish to change your password, you can reset your password within the portal. The option can be found in the upper right of your screen.

6. How long should staff take to respond to leads?

Once you have received your notification of a new lead, it is your responsibility to respond as quickly as you can. We would recommend responding within a one-hour window, maximum, to ensure customer satisfaction is met, thus protecting the reputation of your company.

7. How often should I log into the portal?

How often you log into your portal depends on your own preference. However, to meet the one-hour window we recommend, you should log into your portal on the receipt of a lead. Logging into the portal frequently is a great way to keep track of leads and to determine which leads require further action.

8. Can I send responses directly from the portal?

Although this is possible, if an e-mail is sent from the portal, it is from a ‘DoNotReply’ e-mail. You will not receive any responses from the leads. For this reason, we suggest against sending any communication to leads directly from the portal and using an e-mail monitored by your office.

9. Which user details are collected from the Live Chat agent?

The aim of the Live Chat agent is to engage with the user, understand their needs, capture their details and funnel this information through to you.  With regards to a billable lead, the agent must receive either an email address or a telephone number, the name of the user and the area in which they live in.

10. Will the chat agent offer advice?

No. The goal of the live chat agent is to engage with the visitor and gain an understanding of the visitor’s enquiry. Live Chat agents follow a carefully constructed script which has been previously approved and inform the user that one of your internal staff will be in contact to advise them.

11. How do I ensure the customer’s details are protected?

Each individual chat which takes place is protected by HIPAA compliance, ensuring no details are sent via email. Once a chat is completed, an email notification is generated and sent to the email address which has been set up on your account. In this email notification, you will receive an encrypted link to view the lead on your portal.

12. What is the Billing & Invoice process?

Each Cycle consists of 20 Billable (Sales) leads. We will request a payment for a new cycle once you are half-way through your current one.  Once requested, it takes six working days for us to receive the money via GoCardless. Once payment is received, you will be sent an invoice for your records.

Still have a question?

All correspondence regarding Live Chat should be sent to team@smooth-digital.co.uk to give our Live Chat team maximum visibility to your email and allowing us to respond more efficiently. 

We will respond within 48 business hours at the very latest.